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We are a Travel & Event Boutique specialising in destination weddings, elopements, proposals, honeymoons and romantic getaways in Barcelona and its surroundings. We specialise in couples traveling abroad in order to fulfill their dreams but we are eager to help you plan your trip for whatever reason brings you to Barcelona or the Catalan region!

Valentina and her team can help you in all aspects of what you will need from an event planner in Barcelona; whether it be general questions about the legalities of marrying abroad, finding the perfect venue for your ceremony, as well as guiding you to the cities best vendors. By choosing Love in Barcelona, you are in good hands, and no question or visions will go unfulfilled.

Our mission is to plan the day of your dreams from beginning to end. We have already selected some of the best experiences you can enjoy in this beautiful region of Spain, but we will also listen to your ideas and do our best to make it happen. We aim to bring the client’s style and personality into every trip! We offer high-quality services, always tailored to your needs and tastes, helping you take the stress out of planning and offer peace of mind by guaranteeing a unique experience.

Free yourself from your constraints, we are here! Get in contact with us and let’s create the best possible experience to celebrate your love!

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I am Valentina and the proud owner of Love in Barcelona.
I am originally Italian but my lifestyle and personality is very much shaped by my multicultural upbringing and experiences abroad! l have lived in many different countries such as India, Russia, France, Senegal, Brazil… but I finally fell in love and settled down in Spain! Barcelona is very easy to fall in love with!

I love yoga, dancing and sipping good wine with friends!
I am the principal founder of Love in Barcelona, but in reality, a lot of people made this beautiful dream come true. My family, my boyfriend, and my lovely friends – each and every one helped me in this fantastic adventure!
All the people working and collaborating with me on this thrilling project are passionate about Barcelona and its beautiful surroundings and want to share with you all the very best of it!

Options and Prices 

We have several pre-packaged options for different budget amounts to help make your decision easier. However, if you want to customize your own package, it’s totally possible… Check our services and get in touch and we will create a package that suits your needs. This is a bespoke service so anything is possible and we are looking forward to discovering your tastes and wishes!

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