Why is Barcelona considered to be one of the best locations for a destination proposal?

There are a great many reasons why you might have a very specific location in mind for your destination proposal however, if you’ve got a blank canvas and you’re looking for a city that has it all then you’ll be hard pushed to find anywhere that has as much to offer as Barcelona.

Traditionally, Paris is considered to be the city of love but if you’re looking for something a little less cliché and dare I say, a little more sophisticated, then the Catalan capital will fit your brief perfectly.

There are the obvious practical reasons coupled with some surprising things you might not know about the Barcelona that justify its position at the top of the proposal destination cities list.

5 reasons to consider Barcelona as destination for your surprise proposal

#1 Accessibility

Not a very romantic reason for choosing Barcelona, but it’s accessibility, positioned in the north east of Spain, serviced by one of the busiest airports in Europe, makesit an attractive choice. There are a great many airlines that use BCN El Prat as a hub and the short shuttles around Europe mean that even if you’re travelling from further afield, you can get the best deal to a European capital and then hop to Barcelona relatively cheaply.

Once you’re in the city itself, getting around is a breeze. There’s a Metro service (tube/subway/underground) that will take you around this majestic city but walking and cycling are easy too.

The city is well serviced by taxis and if you have a proposal planner, they can offer advise on the best way to get around depending on your accommodation and how much ground you’d like to cover during your stay.

#2 Cosmopolitan city

Historically the spiritual capital of artists from around the globe, it’s maintained it’s ‘welcome all’ culture and you’ll struggle to find anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable in this cosmopolitan town.

With tourism high on Barcelona’s income ladder, this Catalan city offers no challenges for the English speaking visitor. The people certainly have a unique character but English is widely spoken, even if you have to make an effort to meet half way with at the very least an “hola!”.

#3 Stunning Locations

Where do you even begin? There so many places in Barcelona that can provide the perfect backdrop to your proposal that you’ll need help making a short list. Perhaps starting with a list of passions and interests that you and your partner share might help you to condense some ideas – once you have that, get professional help to seek out the most suitable places for your proposal.

Stunning roof top bars, jaw dropping architecture, historic monuments, a world famous sports stadium, a white sandy beach, a marina to rival Monaco, a promenade, music, art, and the food.

#4 Amazing Food

No less than 24 Michelin starred restaurants call Barcelona home and that puts it in the top 15 cities in the world rated by starred venue. Not bad when it’s only the 10th biggest city in Europe by population.

The Catalonians take their food and drink very seriously and the city streets really do offer a global Cuisine of the highest standards. If you’re looking for a restaurant location to make your proposal, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Depending on the time of year, you might choose the Sky Bar at the world famous Grand Hotel Central for spectacular city views or something a little off the tourist track and laid back like the romantic Martínez.

You don’t have to break the bank in Barcelona either. Unique to this region, Catalan food has grown in popularity as a respected world cuisine and maybe your proposal could take place at one of the city’s extraordinary regional establishments. Exceptional local food can be found all over the city from bijou back-ally bolt-holes to glamourous waterside restaurants.

#5 Climate

One of the most appealing things about Barcelona is its lack of climatic drama! You will find it mild year-round by European standards without the plummeting winter temperatures and scorching inland summers. Its coastal position means it benefits from a Mediterranean breeze and with it brings a little humidity but that is as uncomfortable as it gets!


What this means is terrible weather is unlikely to cause major disruption to your proposal plans and you can be reasonably confident of that. This allows for romantic waterside walks, alfresco dining (even in early October) and a hustle and bustle in the streets that is somewhat subdued in other European cities through the winter months.   

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