Marriage Proposal – Hashtika

What more romantic than a sailboat tour during the sunset? That’s what we suggested to our client Hasthinka, who came all the way from New Zealand and decided to propose with such a beautiful setting! A bit of coordination with the skipper and the photographer and Hashinka was able to […]

Marriage Proposal – Emer and Yigit

Some marriage proposal stories are so amazing that you can literally feel the love a couple has for each other as you read through it. Y. contacted Love in Barcelona around one month before his visit to the country. He wanted Barcelona to be the place, as he loves this […]

Where to Celebrate your Engagement in Barcelona

Well, you’ve made it. You popped the question and she (or he!) said yes. Now that the hard part is over, it’s time to celebrate. We’ve chosen a few places around Barcelona, specially tailored to the kind of celebrating you and your to-be are looking to do. Don’t hesitate to […]

The popularity of destination proposals: The proposers view

Proposing used to be a simple affair. One knee, “Will you marry me?”, job done. The key in that sentence is ‘used to be’. The traditions around a marriage proposal haven’t completely disappeared but they have gained additional required elements like, surprise and spectacle and the popularity of destination proposals […]