Our Top Picks for Destination Vow Renewal in Barcelona

Our Top Picks for Destination Vow Renewal in Barcelona


     If you always dreamed of a destination wedding but weren’t able to have one, a destination vow renewal is just as romantic and even less stressful! The beauty of vow renewals is that there does not necessarily need to be a proper ceremony or even a reception. The way you want to celebrate is completely up to you, just leave it in our hands. Use it as the perfect opportunity to tick Barcelona off your bucket list. What better time to see an amazing city and remind each other just how in love you are?

     No matter what kind of ceremony you have envisioned, there is something to cater to your tastes in beautiful Barcelona. World Heritage sites and architectural marvels serve as the ideal backdrop for your ceremony. If you prefer an outdoor ceremony there are several parks and a beautiful beach to top it off. 

Since we are based in Barcelona, we can help you with any and all of your destination vow renewal needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we can assist you in planning even the most minute details.

The Great Outdoors

    For a destination vow renewal ceremony, the beach is the obvious option – it’s remarkably beautiful and will guarantee stunning photos. The location is ideal too. The beac is a short walk from the city center – meaning you can whisk yourselves off to a nice dinner right after you exchange vows. If you’re not looking to get your feet sandy or the weather doesn’t cooperate, fret not. There are also several charming restaurants scattered along the boardwalk. We can help you choose the right one and arrange everything from the ceremony to the after-party.

If you are looking for a dramatic and impressive setting, Gaudí’s Parc Güell is the place for you. Mosaic tiles with views overlooking the whole city and plenty of greenery. 

     Another beautiful outdoor option is the Laberint Park, not only for its whimsical labyrinth but also for the extravagant fountains, flowers, and forest setting that will make you feel like you are miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The ideal place to make you feel young and in love again.

Heavenly Hotels

Barcelona is full of dazzling hotels that are adapted to intimate functions such as vow renewals. With a wide range of facilities and helpful multi-lingual staff, hosting a reaffirmation ceremony becomes a totally stress-free affair. A hotel is a great option because you can have the ceremony, reception, dinner and drinks all at the same place. Once the celebration is over, you can whisk yourselves off to your room. If you are looking to include friends or family in your celebration, we can help you arrange to have your rooms grouped together. Some of our favorites are the beachside Hotel Arts, the grandiose El Palace, or the luxurious Cotton House Hotel.

Private Villas

Barcelona’s long and decadent history means there are also several private villas scattered around the city. These can accommodate friends and family and afford you a level of privacy that hotels do not. Reaffirming your love at a villa guarantees intimacy and allows your loved ones to join in on your destination renewal. One of our top choices is the Villa Modernista, a centrally located villa complete with 4 bedrooms and a swimming pool.



I do, again: Couples Share Why They Renewed Their Vows

I do, again: Couples Share Why They Renewed Their Vows


     Wedding vow renewal is a tradition that started in Italy decades ago has been gaining traction since the 70s. What started out as a way for couples to celebrate special anniversaries has turned into a much more diverse celebration of the milestones a couple may cross throughout their relationship. We asked some couples to share their stories about why they chose to reaffirm their love for each other.

Terri & Kevin, married 31 years

“So many years had passed since we got married, and so much had changed. Together we had battled illness, raised children and buried some of our dearest friends. Renewing our vows helped us reignite those feelings we had for each other and see how much our relationship has matured. Sometimes when we are going through a rough patch, I reread the vows we wrote for our renewal ceremony and it fills me with love all over again.”

Sonia & Aydin, married 11 years

“Our wedding was massive. We both have huge families and there was pressure on both sides to plan this really over-the-top wedding, which neither of us wanted. It was such a stressful day for both of us and we barely got to enjoy the day because of all the pressure. To be honest I barely remember it. A few years later I whisked her off to one of her favorite cities and we remarried, with just the two of us there. We even changed the day we celebrate our anniversary from our wedding date to the day we renewed our vows, it’s much more special day for us.”

Nia & Travis, married 17 years

“We had our first vow renewal on our 5-year anniversary and it was such a blast that we decided to do it every year and have kept up that tradition for 12 years! Some years we plan something really elaborate and include friends and family and some years we just do something romantic the two of us. It’s a great way to reflect on the past year together, and on the relationship as a whole. This year we are travelling to Barcelona and our son will be the officiant!”

Kelsey & Lane, married 5 years

“I didn’t get to have the fairytale destination wedding I dreamed of. My fiancé had gotten laid off just as we started planning our wedding and even though both of our families pitched it, we still had to cut a lot of corners. Our wedding was still great but I always dreamed of a do-over. A few years later we were in a good place again financially and we had a smaller, but much more elaborate destination renewal ceremony. It was perfect.”

Eleni & Andre, married 23 years

“We were young and in love and we eloped. We didn’t even tell our family until years later that we were already married. We went a long time without having a ceremony and the more time that passed, the more we talked about throwing ourselves a party. It was an intimate ceremony with family and friends and we had such a great time walking down memory lane together. At the reception we had a slide show with photos of us at our elopement. We’re still the crazy in love kids we were so long ago!”

Yuki & Evan, married 16 years

“We were on holidays and out of nowhere he got on one knee and proposed to me – for the second time. It was such an incredibly romantic gesture. We decided to renew our vows while we were still on vacation and we had such a blast putting together a small, impromptu ceremony. The vows we wrote for our wedding day were so much different from the ones we wrote for the renewal. We had lived so much together and learned so much about each other and what love and marriage mean to us. It really felt like we were falling in love all over again.”



A Vow Renewal Guide in 9 Easy Steps

A Vow Renewal Guide in 9 Easy Steps


Luckily, there are few rules when it comes to renewing your vows, and this freedom of choice is exactly what draws couples to this special ceremony. Make it even easier on yourselves and hire the services of an event or wedding planner, especially if you decide on a destination vow renewal. Whatever your reasons are for renewing your vows, we’ve come up with a 9-step guide to help you visualize your ideal ceremony.


…to renew your vows. We say, no time like the present. Some couples choose to renew their vows to mark significant anniversaries, some choose to renew following important life events, and some even renew every single year. That’s the great thing about renewals, there are no rules!

…you want to reaffirm your love. Choose somewhere meaningful for you – feel free to get creative. You’d be surprised at how many places that cannot or do not host wedding parties are more than happy to help you with a small, intimate celebration of your love. A destination vow renewal can be just as exciting as a destination wedding but far less stressful!

…will share this special day with you. Some couple host their own renewals, while others have their children or close friends do the honors. Keep the guest list limited and you’ll save yourselves a lot of hassle. And since the ceremony isn’t legally binding, you can choose anyone you wish to be the officiant of the ceremony, even your Golden Retriever!

…to the lucky ones, that is
if you have decided to invite your loved ones to join you. Don’t forget, this day can be just about you and your partner and you might be able to skip this part altogether, especially if you are doing a destination renewal. Think green and opt for electronic invitations, we like the ones at Paperless Post.

…like it’s the first time around…or not. Since it is counter-productive to have a bachelor(ette) party, use this as an excuse to catch up with old friends, but this time do what you all really wanted to do the first time around – go out for a nice meal together, or better yet, take part in a cooking class!

For the ladies, you can definitely wear white, but not something that looks like a wedding dress. Those who cherish nostalgia may opt for wearing their original wedding dress, or a altered or dyed version of it. Decide upon more or less formal attire, depending on the setting and atmosphere. For the groom, you might wear an updated version of you your original tuxedo or suit, or choose an entirely new look altogether.

…should be exactly how you want it to be. If you have an aisle, why not walk down together? Or include children, grandchildren, or pets. Exchange original vows, reflecting on your relationship and what brought you here. Decades may have passed since you last exchanged vows and this will a good time to think about how you feel about your love.

…that’s what we’re all here for, right? We all know the party is the most exciting and part, so focus your energies on what comes after your vows have been exchanged. Again, there is no blueprint for this part your celebration, so do exactly as you wish. A family barbecue, an intimate dinner at a swanky restaurant, or a cocktail party – let your imagination run wild. Maybe you want to share from photos from the first wedding and your time together since, maybe you want to give a toast to each other or the attendees, and maybe you just want to dance the night away! Reserve tables and book photographers and DJs accordingly.

Skip the registry and ask guests to donate to a charity on your behalf. If it is a big anniversary like 25 or 50 years, you will probably receive some gifts so make sure to personally thank the givers. And between you and your beloved? A nice idea we like is to exchange a piece of jewelry with your partner and wear it on your renewal day, be in cufflinks, earrings, a watch, or even another ring.