Tips For Writing Your Elopement Vows

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for a romantic break. Many couples choose to get married in Barcelona because of its unique charm: incredible architecture, interesting history, unforgettable views and delicious food and wine!

So now that you’ve decided you’re eloping in this beautiful city, you need to make sure you know what you need to pull it off. It turns out there’s a little more to do than just showing up and saying: I do!

Writing wedding vows undoubtedly add a romantic, even cheerful touch to the entire ceremony, making it truly unique!  As you open your heart to embrace your partner and get married in Barcelona, you want to do it with promises that you truly mean… however this can be a challenging task!

Don’t worry though,  here are some tips that will help you!

Cover the basics

As you attempt to write your own vows, there are certain basics that you need to cover. Sit down with a pen and try to answer some important questions before you set out to get married in Barcelona. These will be the structure of your vows and will make them official. Ask yourself what is the one thing that you love about your partner that makes you marry them. Also flashback to the time when you actually realized they were the one.

It makes a great line in your vows and adds a sweet personal touch. You can also write a few things about what marriage means to you and the promises you want to make to them. One great way of doing so is by imagining the promises you want to hear from your partner. Another way of adding a fun little addition to your vows is by recapping to your childhood when you used to imagine how your wedding would be like.

Read a lot of vows

You can take this as your own little assignment. Try to look into the traditional vows of people who got married in Barcelona before you, especially if your partner has another faith or is from a different culture. Reading many different examples will help you to figure out those special words that inspire you. In addition, you can find that basic format which can help you create a basic skeleton for your own vows.

Try to separate some styles that you really like. You can then choose the one that appeals to your fantasy and write your own vows according to the style. It will make your vows much easier but still incredibly romantic and unique as you stand up to say them when you get married in Barcelona.

Format discussion

Remember that you both will be presenting your vows. It is important that both of you agree on a special format. Will you like your vows to have a bit of humor? Or would you like them to be romantic and traditional? Skipping from one style to the other can really upset the tone and you would not want to do that on your wedding day. You should also discuss the logistics. Decide whether you want your vows to be identical or you want them to include similar promises as you get married in Barcelona.

Another thing that is important to know is whether you want to share your vows with your lover beforehand or keep it a secret until the very last moment. It really depends on your choice, but you need to establish certain things to ensure both of you are on the same page. Talking with the wedding planner can also be of valuable use. She can help guide you to the most romantic and best wedding vows for your ceremony.

Write and read them all out

It is always a great idea to write out a rough draft first. It is highly unlikely that you will remember your vows just by thinking of them. Write them all down and have a look to see how they sound. Would you like to edit them down or add a line? Write and reread a number of times to ensure that the words really speak to your heart. only when will they speak to your partner as you get married in Barcelona.

You may want to read your vows to your close friend or someone you trust before you actually get married in Barcelona and get an impression of what they think. This will help you gain confidence and will assure you that you have done the right thing. It is important that you truly know and believe that you have written your vows correctly to be able to say them aloud at the altar!

Practice and practice

As you stand, holding your partner’s hand, the best thing will be to recite your vows while looking into your partner’s eyes. It really makes the entire thing so much purer! The only way you are going to achieve this is by practicing and practicing. Say your vows over and over again. Say them until you can recite them in your sleep. Tension and stress on the big day are common and you need to memorize your vows so that you can say them with confidence on the big day.

Believe in what you say

Your vows are your words. You are making these sacred vows to your partner to be with them for the rest of your life. Drown in the beauty of this feeling and embrace every word to say it with every ounce of feeling in your heart. Remember, it is not about the flowery words or the huge promises you make. Instead, it is about how you say it, the effort you put into it and the feelings emitting from every word as you speak each sentence as you stand on the alter to get married in Barcelona. Believing in your vows yourself will naturally add enormous weight to your sentences, which is all that your partner really wants as you get married in Barcelona.


Summing it all up, writing vows is not as daunting as you think. It can be a fun experience for each of you and they will really add a charming flavor as you get married in Barcelona. Keep these tips in mind to materialize your thoughts and feelings into meaningful words. And remember that, in the end, as you stand and hold your partner’s hand at the altar, what is truly important is what you really mean.

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