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Have you been obsessed with the idea of a dreamy, destination wedding? Something magical that’s also adventurous?


Whether it’s a newly married friend that inspired your vision, or a dreamy scene from your favorite Romance novel, being newly-engaged, you may be wondering, “Now how do I make that perfect balance of romance, luxury, and adventure a reality for our special day?”

Perhaps this will sound familiar to you…

That moment in time where the world came to a standstill as it finally dawned on you – the love of your life had finally popped the big question! More importantly, you said yes!

That magical memory is yours to keep forever with all the details; funny mishaps and uncensored scenes that took place which none of us really need to know about. Wink. Wink.

What matters is that you had your perfect moment in time. And you made that decision to spend the rest of your days with your soul mate.

Falling in love, getting engaged and making your special day come alive is very exciting for the newly engaged couples. But there are certain details and tough decisions that follow which often create a sense of overwhelm, confusion and at times even frustration for both you and your spouse to be.

To help with that, let me share some of the experience and expertise I’ve acquired in recent years. This is especially useful if you want to create something epic that will be remembered for a really long time.


First things first: Clarity on what a perfect wedding looks and feels like for you.


You might say you desire a dreamy destination wedding, but how much clarity do you have on what this looks like?

Lots of engaged couples are still conflicted because on the one hand, they don’t want a traditional ceremony but on the other hand, they haven’t set the right expectations.

So let’s gain a little clarity on some of the main differences that will take place now that you are choosing a dreamy destination wedding.


Ditching traditions and designing your wedding, your way:


A traditional wedding allows you to first and foremost have every single person you would wish to celebrate with you present. That high energy and enthusiasm make it extra special indeed regardless of the venue.

And of course, let’s not forget the abundance of gifts you would receive since everyone will be showing up.

These little pleasures will most likely not take place if you choose to have an exotic destination wedding in a far off place like Spain. And if you aren’t planning a luxury destination wedding in the crown of the Mediterranean sea, I don’t know what you’re waiting for!

Nothing could combine adventure, luxury, and romance better than a destination wedding in Barcelona.

I know what you must be thinking.  If having a non-traditional wedding takes away the joy of having lots of gifts and all the friends and family we desire, what would be the point of having one?

Enter a few secrets that I’m sure will blow your mind.

  • A luxurious dreamy wedding is far more plausible and cost-effective when you plan it as a destination wedding.
  • It’s a perfect way to encourage some relax time and travel experience for your guests. I mean you get to pick and choose only those you love spending time with.
  • It’s also the perfect way for you to go all out in expressing both you and your partner’s sense of adventures, creativity and authentic tastes in life.

In other words, it can be as simple and laid back as you like with all kinds of themes attached to the special day and no one would find that unusual. It basically gives you the freedom to be truly yourself.

  • The memories of having this kind of a wedding are certainly beyond social norm therefore, you are probably going to treasure them for a very long time. And truth be told, so will the guests that attend it.
  • Creating a fairytale-like an event will be easy and it takes off most of the stress and pressure of planning every detail that a normal weeding often entails.
  • A dreamy wedding destination means it will definitely tick all the boxes when it comes to romance, exoticness, adventure, and newness of experience, which in my opinion makes most couples less occupied with little trivial problems such as the perfect table napkin.


So how can you actually ensure that your current wedding plans will produce that dreamy destination wedding that becomes the adventure of a lifetime?


First: Take some time to communicate with your “almost significant other” to make sure you agree on the elements that need to come together to form that perfect blend of the magic and adventure you both seek.

Good communication has to start now if you want this marriage to last a lifetime. This is, after all, a special day for both of you.

The only thing that matters at the end of the day is that you both get to feel and experience that specialness.

Second: Carefully choose a destination that can effortlessly combine the wedding and honeymoon effect without getting boring.

By this I mean, let it be a location that can offer contrast for you. As an example, one of the reasons I love organizing destination weddings in Barcelona is because it’s one of the few cities in Europe that has near perfect weather all year long.

It also has beach, city and wild nature all within reach. So you can have a completely different experience from one day to the next thereby satisfying diverse preferences simultaneously.

Creating your unforgettable ceremony and honeymoon becomes effortless when you start qualifying locations through the filters that best represent the sense of adventure both you and the love of your life desire to experience.

Third: Create an element of surprise!

Yes, planning to exact details is wonderful and having everything laid out perfectly from start to finish makes for a more stress-free experience.

But where possible, infuse some surprising element that corresponds with your ideas of adventure. It can be during the wedding ceremony or honeymoon.

Decide on something exciting that’s out of your comfort zone to experience together.

After all, you are both sharing the promise that you will walk through the journey of life together. Why not start infusing adventure into this journey?

Depending on the chosen location it could be something wild in nature, deep in the sea or behind closed doors.

I invite your imagination to take charge now to see what ideas you could come up with and then let your wedding planner help make it perfect.

Lastly, don’t try to have the perfect day arranged by unprofessional inexperienced people who don’t specialize in the chosen destination.

I’ve heard lots of horror stories lately where a couple organizes an Italian destination wedding through a so-called wedding planner living in California.

There’s nothing wrong with a wedding planner in your country, but I recommend doing a little research and finding a professional that lives and has access to a top-notch team in your desired destination. With just a little due diligence you will be able to find some amazing international organizers who specialize in all kinds of destination weddings.

If budget is an issue for you, find a good deal. And thanks to the Internet, it is possible to find something amazing and affordable locally run by gifted experts.

This is one of the reasons I decided to set my base here in Barcelona. After living in some of the most romantic cities in the world like Paris, and working in some amazing places across Europe, I knew the only way I would serve my clients best and help them customize that magical dreamy effect is by physically mastering the lay of the land and hand picking my team.

That way, I can bet my reputation and customer satisfaction on my products and services. Whether we are arranging your special day in a romantic spot here in the city or organizing your wine tasting tour – every detail is exceptional and professional because we are operating organically.

You can’t always rely on pictures online. You need professionals on the grounds that understand exactly what you’re looking for.

Getting in touch with and surrounding yourself with experts at planning intimate, luxurious exotic destination weddings will guarantee each moment is as dreamy as you’ve always wanted.




While no one can argue with the beauty of sticking to a traditional wedding ceremony, if you feel that you and the love of your life are more interested in creating your own traditions, a dreamy wedding destination could very well be the best way to kick start your new future.

Whether you choose to go for a destination wedding or not, may you create magical moments that last a lifetime. And remember to enjoy your special day.


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