I do, again: Couples Share Why They Renewed Their Vows

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Wedding vow renewal is a tradition that started in Italy decades ago has been gaining traction since the 70s. What started out as a way for couples to celebrate special anniversaries has turned into a much more diverse celebration of the milestones a couple may cross throughout their relationship. We asked some couples to share their stories about why they chose to reaffirm their love for each other.

Terri & Kevin, married 31 years

“So many years had passed since we got married, and so much had changed. Together we had battled illness, raised children and buried some of our dearest friends. Renewing our vows helped us reignite those feelings we had for each other and see how much our relationship has matured. Sometimes when we are going through a rough patch, I reread the vows we wrote for our renewal ceremony and it fills me with love all over again.”

Sonia & Aydin, married 11 years

“Our wedding was massive. We both have huge families and there was pressure on both sides to plan this really over-the-top wedding, which neither of us wanted. It was such a stressful day for both of us and we barely got to enjoy the day because of all the pressure. To be honest I barely remember it. A few years later I whisked her off to one of her favorite cities and we remarried, with just the two of us there. We even changed the day we celebrate our anniversary from our wedding date to the day we renewed our vows, it’s much more special day for us.”

Nia & Travis, married 17 years

“We had our first vow renewal on our 5-year anniversary and it was such a blast that we decided to do it every year and have kept up that tradition for 12 years! Some years we plan something really elaborate and include friends and family and some years we just do something romantic the two of us. It’s a great way to reflect on the past year together, and on the relationship as a whole. This year we are travelling to Barcelona and our son will be the officiant!”

Kelsey & Lane, married 5 years

“I didn’t get to have the fairytale destination wedding I dreamed of. My fiancé had gotten laid off just as we started planning our wedding and even though both of our families pitched it, we still had to cut a lot of corners. Our wedding was still great but I always dreamed of a do-over. A few years later we were in a good place again financially and we had a smaller, but much more elaborate destination renewal ceremony. It was perfect.”

Eleni & Andre, married 23 years

“We were young and in love and we eloped. We didn’t even tell our family until years later that we were already married. We went a long time without having a ceremony and the more time that passed, the more we talked about throwing ourselves a party. It was an intimate ceremony with family and friends and we had such a great time walking down memory lane together. At the reception we had a slide show with photos of us at our elopement. We’re still the crazy in love kids we were so long ago!”

Yuki & Evan, married 16 years

“We were on holidays and out of nowhere he got on one knee and proposed to me – for the second time. It was such an incredibly romantic gesture. We decided to renew our vows while we were still on vacation and we had such a blast putting together a small, impromptu ceremony. The vows we wrote for our wedding day were so much different from the ones we wrote for the renewal. We had lived so much together and learned so much about each other and what love and marriage mean to us. It really felt like we were falling in love all over again.”

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