Marriage Proposal with a Romantic Picnic in Barcelona

The marriage proposal can be a huge production or a more traditional and classic one, with friends and family around, or just the two of you. Whatever the case it is always a very special moment in the relationship that will be with you for the rest of your life… you will cherish the memory forever and tell & retell the story so many times. So, let’s make it unforgettable! 

Choose a special place. A new place. And say the magic words. Then… hear the ‘yes’! 

It sounds simple, no? Not really. Planning a marriage proposal can bring a lot of anxiety and stress, what if my partner gets disappointed by my choice of venue, rings, clothes, words? What if it rains? What if I tremble? What if, what if… they can be infinite 

That’s why we, at Love in Barcelona, think and plan with you every detail, every possible situation, and reassure you that your dream can become true.

One of our favourite marriage proposal settings is a romantic picnic. Barcelona has great gardens and parks where you can enjoy the sunshine 90% of the year. Even on a cold day, being in the sun can warm your body and your hearts. And Love in Barcelona knows just the right secluded and romantic spots.

Love in Barcelona has partnered up with Mayke and Babet from Straws ’n Berries to offer the perfect marriage proposal over a romantic picnic in the perfect setting in Barcelona. 

Straws ’n Berries prepare and bring everything you need for the surprise picnic. Love in Barcelona brings the musicians, the photographer and videographer to make it a memorable and special marriage proposal. 

And you? You can just relax and lay back on the picnic blanket and cozy pillows… wait for the surprise smile in your loved one’s face and… pop the question!! 

Now pop the champagne cork!!!

Celebrate it by indulging yourselves… enjoy the perfect view… ‘Yes’ is the word of the day! The perfect day! 
At Love in Barcelona we don’t plan only marriage proposals, we plan memories, romantic and unforgettable memories!

Have a look at our marriage proposal ideas in Barcelona and get in touch! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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