The popularity of destination proposals: The proposers view

Proposing used to be a simple affair. One knee, “Will you marry me?”, job done.

The key in that sentence is ‘used to be’. The traditions around a marriage proposal haven’t completely disappeared but they have gained additional required elements like, surprise and spectacle and the popularity of destination proposals is on the rise.

Now there’s nothing wrong with this and we’re certainly not here to spoil the party! However, that’s a lot of pressure for any ‘proposee’ and if you’re feeling that kind of weight on your shoulders, you’re not alone.

The destination proposal is becoming more and more popular and there are a great many reasons for this, but we’ve picked what we believe are the top five reasons that will make a destination proposal the right decision to make it an unforgettable moment.

Why a destination proposal?

vow renewal in barcelona spain

#1 Being in ‘Holiday Mode’

Being away aides your proposal because you’re focused on one another.

For both parties this will be a memory that lasts a lifetime, and there will be elements of stress to it – what if he/she says no? Let’s assume the actual proposal is a formality on that front! If you are on holiday or simply taking a short break however, the chances are that you’re trying at least to relax. You’ve left the ‘real world’ behind and are focusing on each other for a few days. You are unlikely to achieve this kind of focus on home turf where everyday life pokes its nose in and has a tendency to meddle.

Marriage proposal in Barcelona spain

#2 There are fewer things to trip you up

That’s not strictly true (and hence why we encourage you to seek assistance to help with the smooth running of your proposal) but there are certainly fewer things likely to disrupt your plans!

You may be keen to orchestrate an outdoor proposal. If you choose the right destination, at the right time of year, you can mitigate against tropical downpours and hurricane winds. You can have a crystal clear view, overlooking one of the most spectacular cityscapes in the world. Never thought about sunny Barcelona 😉 ?
The romantic bit isn’t hard in those conditions!

There’s also the relative isolation you have away from home. The number one most likely thing to mess up your surprise proposal is …. whoever you confide in, and you can’t organise a special proposal alone. Ordering rings, cleaning your shoes – all behaviours can seem suspicious to the inquisitive mind and the simple act of booking a table at a fancy restaurant may be treated with suspicion!

Being away in a different environment, whether it’s new to you or not, means that most behaviour will be viewed as unusual so you can do all sorts of strange things in the run up to your proposal and get away with it!

#3 Cameras aren’t unusual

Many people like to capture the moment they make their proposal. It would however be a little odd to whip out your phone to take pictures or a video at your favourite local restaurant at home! You may even alert people to what’s going on by doing so. So unless you’re an instagramer who always takes pictures of their dinner companion and side-salad, you’re unlikely to get away with this without raising eyebrows.

However – being away is different. You can take your phone or a camera anywhere and your partner may not even be alerted to a stranger discretely taking pictures – this is how you can capture the entire event to share with your family if you wish. It takes a little organising to find the right photographer (we’ve done the hard work on that one too) and you may even want to meet again in a few days to do a more formal ‘engagement shoot’.

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#4 The surprise element

As much as people want the process of being proposed to, or proposing, to be a surprise, the event itself shouldn’t really be too much of a shock! Most people are on the same page about marriage when it comes to the stage where a proposal is on the cards so it’s worth considering how much of a surprise you’d like to create. When you’re planning your destination proposal, you should be going for amazement and excitement, not disbelief and a bombshell! There’s a fine line so make sure you’re thinking about how your partner might like to experience that event, as well as how you’d like to arrange it.

#5 You can keep in your bubble

Announcing your engagement to your nearest and dearest has to be orchestrated very carefully. One wrong move and your Great Aunt Flo will hear the news from her neighbours-daughters-school friend who heard it on Facebook and then you really will be in the dog house!

Being away gives you time to discuss your announcement strategy and if you want, stay in your proposal bubble as long as you’re away from home. There’s no need for anyone to know whilst you’re away and you can enjoy the experience, just the two of you.

We find that many people like to do their proposal early in their holiday so that they maximise this time together. Perhaps they shop for a ring, discuss venues and maybe even set a date. In the destination proposal, you can achieve all this without distraction and you may even be able to make your announcement with many elements of your wedding already planned out.

Many people who choose the destination proposal, actually come back the same place for their nuptials. This place can hold strong personal memories for you, and you already have one successful event under your belt so why not build on that?

If you do choose this route it is really important that you select your proposal destination with care. Does it have sufficient venues for the two of you to choose from? Are you able to get the support you need to make arrangements when you’re far away? Is it accessible for friends and family, the people you’d like to share your wedding with? All these questions need to be answered if you intend to revisit your proposal location for your wedding day.

Barcelona Destination Wedding

Of course, we’re head over heals about Barcelona so of course we think it’s the best place to set the scene…. but we would say that. However there are good reasons for this and in coming weeks we’ll cover some of the reasons to chose Barcelona for you proposal.

If you like the idea of a destination proposal, please simply get in touch and we can talk to you about your ideas. It’s simpler than you might imagine and sets the scene for what is no doubt, one of the most important days of your life.

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