MIGUEL & SANDRA – Elopement in Barcelona

by Dec 4, 20180 comments

This story is incredible…and I couldn’t wait to share it!  Miguel and Sandra were high school sweethearts and they spent together 5 years since they were 14. After high school Sandra’s family had to move away from NY city. Life had different plans for them and that’s how their relationship ended… well… actually paused…

Sandra and Miguel continued their life separately for more than 15 years, both got married and had kids but when it’s true love, even decades won’t make you forget…

After 20 years Miguel looked for Sandra… and abracadabra, LOVE was still there.

That’s how they got back together and decided to elope in Barcelona. They came with their high school best friends and had a wonderful time in this buzzing city!

I will remember dearly this couple, for their incredible story and the fun time we had together to celebrate their Elopement!

Check the pictures and the video out!

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