RICHARD & MARICELA Vow Renewal in Barcelona

by Dec 5, 20180 comments

This is the story of Richard and Maricela who decided to renew their vows in Barcelona on a windy day of September, in front of the sea.

Their story is one that you don’t hear very often…  as they have been together since the young age of 16. Since they were still teenagers, Richard and Maricela have committed themselves to one another, growing up, learning along the way, and creating a marriage and a family (4 kids!!) that is loving and sure.

Richard and Maricela got married 6 years ago and decided to renew their vows in Barcelona.

In a ceremony of re-commitment, they celebrated the love they share, and honoured their commitment to protect, and grow that love throughout their lives.


We wish them they will grow in love and understanding all their lives and that their romantic feelings of love will continue to encompasses far more than itself, blessing everything and everyone they touch! Many thanks for trusting us guys!


Check the beautiful pictures and the video out!


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