RICHARD & MARICELA   Vow Renewal in Barcelona

RICHARD & MARICELA Vow Renewal in Barcelona

This is the story of Richard and Maricela who decided to renew their vows in Barcelona on a windy day of September, in front of the sea.

Their story is one that you don’t hear very often…  as they have been together since the young age of 16. Since they were still teenagers, Richard and Maricela have committed themselves to one another, growing up, learning along the way, and creating a marriage and a family (4 kids!!) that is loving and sure.

Richard and Maricela got married 6 years ago and decided to renew their vows in Barcelona.

In a ceremony of re-commitment, they celebrated the love they share, and honoured their commitment to protect, and grow that love throughout their lives.


We wish them they will grow in love and understanding all their lives and that their romantic feelings of love will continue to encompasses far more than itself, blessing everything and everyone they touch! Many thanks for trusting us guys!


Check the beautiful pictures and the video out!


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MIGUEL & SANDRA – Elopement in Barcelona

MIGUEL & SANDRA – Elopement in Barcelona

This story is incredible…and I couldn’t wait to share it!  Miguel and Sandra were high school sweethearts and they spent together 5 years since they were 14. After high school Sandra’s family had to move away from NY city. Life had different plans for them and that’s how their relationship ended… well… actually paused…

Sandra and Miguel continued their life separately for more than 15 years, both got married and had kids but when it’s true love, even decades won’t make you forget…

After 20 years Miguel looked for Sandra… and abracadabra, LOVE was still there.

That’s how they got back together and decided to elope in Barcelona. They came with their high school best friends and had a wonderful time in this buzzing city!

I will remember dearly this couple, for their incredible story and the fun time we had together to celebrate their Elopement!

Check the pictures and the video out!

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JEFFREY & SIMONE  Elopement in Barcelona

JEFFREY & SIMONE Elopement in Barcelona

Jeffrey and Simone contacted me just two weeks before their arrival in Barcelona, and from that moment we kept in constant communication to make sure the organisation of the most important day of their life was smooth and flawless.

Calls, Whatsapp messages and emails… but sooner rather than later the big day arrived! Jeffrey and Simone arrived by cruise and docked at the Port of Barcelona at 5AM. They rushed out the cruise to check in the hotel next to the harbour. Rush, rush, rush… and so many things to do: make-up, hair, flowers… the time was tight! Jeff and Simone were staying in Barcelona for less than 12 hours and there was no time for delay!

Two hours later their closest friends joined them at the hotel and all together we left for the Gothic Quarter, the heart of a still sleepy Barcelona.

Wandering through the stony maze of the old city center, which usually buzzes with lots of tourists, felt as we were in a fairytale.

We guided the couple and their friends through our favourite spots in Barcelona while the morning light of Plaza del Rey, the blue door of the Cathedral, the walls of Plaza Sant Felip Neri became the  beautiful backdrop of this love story in cloudy morning of September.

Jeff and Simone sealed their vows in a enchanting park of Barcelona, surrounded by the love of their closest friends.  We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness and may the years ahead be filled with lasting joy!

I hope you will enjoy the pictures and  the stunning video reporting a beautiful elopement full of love.

IZMIRA & GARARI   Elopement in Barcelona

IZMIRA & GARARI Elopement in Barcelona

This is one of my favourite couples and I hold them dear to my heart.

Izmira and Garari arrived in Barcelona for the first time to celebrate the most important day of their lives with their closest families: the parents, one sister …and a tiny creature, still hiding under the future mummy’s belly bump!

They decided to spend a few days on a yacht, an unusual and original place to stay in Barcelona. And right next to the harbour where they decided to celebrate their elopement ceremony.

They tied the knot with the most meaningful, simple ceremony in front of the sea, with a beautiful view of Barcelona.

After the elopement ceremony, they went to have a stroll in the old city, to take some pictures in the Gothic Quarter and Born Neighbourhood.

This is a beautiful love story that we were blessed to be part. Thank you Izmira and Garari! Enjoy the pictures.

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DAVID & ORLY   Marriage Proposal in Barcelona

DAVID & ORLY Marriage Proposal in Barcelona

David and Orly have been together since they were very young and they are still so… just 22 years old and David decided to propose in Barcelona!

He came all the way from Israel and invited also his and her closest families without her knowing… to make that moment really unforgettable. She was definitely surprised!!!

We chose one of the most beautiful parks of Barcelona, the Ciutadella Park and prepared a MARRY ME sign made out of flowers! This was truly romantic!

Enjoy the pictures!

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